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Hearing is often not given the priority it deserves. Mainly because people do not understand the effects of hearing loss. This is reflected in many ways: Funding, ACC percentage hearing loss criteria, and the low number of people seeking treatment or the long wait times before they do.

Dr. Seerup would like to thank Curves gym in Kilbirnie for having her talk on hearing. It is nice to see a gym taking a holistic approach to health. Untreated hearing loss causes fatigue and can contribute to weight gain. Taking care of the whole body makes for a healthier you.

Dr. Seerup testified as an expert witness at the EPA's Sandhill express way on the effects of noise the proposed route would cause on people.

The EPA's position was that the levels were not enough to cause a noise induced hearing loss. But there is more to hearing than just the organ. There is the way it functions. Traffic noise is loud enough to cause high blood pressure, increase cholesterol, problems in communication stress. sleep disturbances These effects can be magnified if a person has a hearing loss. 

Previously Dr Seerup gave talks at Grey Power, Johnsonville care facility, and the Brooklyn resource centre on the effect of hearing loss, how to improve communication, and reason for the high cost of hearing aids in New Zealand.

If you would like Dr. Seerup to speak to your group or organization, please send us an email or contact the office.