The Tinnitus and Hearing Clinic - Were Expanding!
Price Lists
Key Prices: 
  • Initial consultation:  $75.00
    Supergold and community services card: $60.00
  • Follow up appointments: $50.00
Supergold and community services card: $45.00
  • Hearing aid reprogramming fees: $45.00
  • Swim Moulds: $80.00 pair
  • Industrial hearing protection: $80-200.00
  • Mp3 player earmolds: 100.00 pair
  • Hearing aids. $1200.00-$2500.00
Prices for hearing aids are usually $1000.00 for exactly the same make and model. Try us.  Email us the make and model of a hearing aid and we will tell you the price.  You do not need to send us the prices quoted as we are not "beating" their price we are just telling you what we charge.  Often times we will give other suggestions that may be better (and usually cheaper)  Why are our prices so much different:  Overheads.  No gimmicks, no sales, no specials. You should not need to mortgage your house to afford good hearing.
We make our money on evaluations not hearing aids.  We have no incentive to sell you an expensive aid.  We want to recommend the best one not the most expensive.  As we charge our cost price for hearing aids, we can save you several thousand dollars. 
We deal with 1000s of bits and peices from hearing aid batteries, hearing aid tubes, domes, filters ect. If you would like to know the exact price of a make and model of hearing aid or any part, email us at