The Tinnitus and Hearing Clinic - Were Expanding!

Great Stories:

I had on elderly lady come in with a quote for $15,000! for hearing aids. If your immediate reaction was to shake your head in disbelieve, than we had the same reaction.  Given her lifestyle, top of the range hearing aids were not necessary.  We fit her with the newest technology at a more basic level.  The cost $1,500.  What a difference a 0 makes.  She is doing extremely well with her new hearing aids.  Savings: $13,500.00. She did offer to take us out to lunch but her satisfaction was reward enough.

A quote for $7,000 dollars for hearing aids left another woman with a young family looking for a second opinion.  A comprehensive evaluation showed she had a medical problem that might require surgery.  She was referred to a surgeon and if that was not an option, a high power hearing aid was recommended.  Cost:$900.00.

A gentleman was not using his hearing aids and when he was they often did not work as the battery had gone dead. He had a difficult time with those fiddly little batteries.  We reprogrammed his existing hearing aids and got him a rechargeable batteries.  all he needs to do now is put the hearing aids in the re-charger every night  Not only does it recharge the hearing aids but it also removes all the moisture so the hearing aids are functioning better and have eliminated the frequent costly repairs he was experiencing.  He is more independent and his hearing aids are more dependable.  We count that that as a good day.

We had a woman living in a nursing home and was always misplacing her hearing aids or they were not functioning.  Since she could not hear the TV or any one talking to her, this was a huge quality of life issue.  We got her an amplifying device that used standard headphone that she could put on herself with very large buttons she could both see and push.  As she only needed to use the ON button most of the time, it was simple enough that we were able to teach her to use it within 5 minutes.  She is now able to participate in conversations and her family visits are much more enjoyable -for both parties.

We could go on and on but we would rather create new stories.  Make an appointment today and we bet you will be saying Chears too!